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Privacy and Data safety are vital for any individual user or an organization. For a mobile user his/her contacts are very important. If data in mobile gets corrupted or the phone lost, it adds up to more than the loss of the device itself. Keeping copy of data remotely comes as a rescue in such difficult situation.


SriSeshaa has developed an array of Security applications for the Mobile Platforms that can be used to protect the privacy and secure the data as well as the devices.

Privacy Guard secureme

Privacy Guard is one of the many applications developed by our Android team and available at the Android Market.  Privacy Guard is an Android mobile application through which user can block a contact through an intuitive user interface. User can choose block options to block SMS alone, phone calls alone or blocking both messages and phone calls.


SecureMe is a mobile security application that safeguards the data as well as the device of the user. It facilitates safe backup of data in Android mobile devices to a web based server, cloud or hard disk. Data are securely backed up into our registered web site or any other cloud of users’ choice. If users wish to save their data in third party cloud, they can choose Amazon or Google cloud offerings.


Users can backup their phone contacts, messages, call logs, phone settings, videos, music files, documents and installed applications remotely and whenever want it back, they can simply restore them. In case of emergency user can log into SecureMe website to lock the phone or wipe the entire data. Also user can monitor his/her phone remotely through GPS facility.