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With the increasing popularity of the Mobile phones, more and more users have started accessing eCommerce website using their  mobi-shopMobile phones.


SriSeshaa has developed MobiShop - a mobile shopping cart application that can be seamlessly integrated with any eCommerce website. MobiShop is platform independent and can be used in Android, Blackberry, iPhones and Windows based smartphones.

About Mobishop

MobiShop – A mCommerce shopping cart is a powerful application that can be integrated with existing eCommerce websites and databases. The user can virtually shop using their Mobile phone with MobiShop.


The user can log into the application to browse the product catalogue. Once logged in, the user can choose the product that he/she wishes to purchase. MobiShop is integrated with a payment gateway which enables the user to make payments using Credit/Debit cards.


The administrator of the eCommerce website can add or delete products to the catalogue.
They can also activate or hotlist a product and set all the characteristics for the product (Price, Discount % etc.)