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We, at SriSeshaa, understand the importance of information. We endeavour to create solutions that keep the management informed – to empower them to take decisions faster and be in complete control. mobile-app-development


SriSeshaa dashboard solutions allows for rapid prototyping, cloning and deployment from any and all databases, business intelligence, spreadsheet or operational applications throughout an organization.


Our graphical as well as enterprise dashboard can give you that kind of information in real time and at a glance. Realtime update of the dashboard paints a realistic picture for the Management to take the right decisions at the right time. We design customized dashboard to meet the information needs for the user. It depends upon the data consumption and decision making patterns of the user.

Enterprise Dashboards Characteristics

Sriseshaa Accessed with a Mobile Phone
Sriseshaa Highly graphical in nature. It takes seconds for the user to understand the key information
Sriseshaa Tailored to the needs of the executive or manager who uses them
Sriseshaa Starts with a 30,000 foot view and allows drill down to granular level
Sriseshaa Automatically updated with the latest available data
Sriseshaa Print or save all or part of the dashboard

Benefits To Dashboard Users

Sriseshaa Provide up-to-the-minute sales data
Sriseshaa Include P & L information from your accounting system
Sriseshaa Break down business data by product, sales region, manufacturing plant
Sriseshaa Use data from multiple databases simultaneously
Sriseshaa Provide just the right format to display the data