SriSeshaa organized itself on industry verticals to bring in the best domain experts and solutions to service the customers...


Customers are under the constant threat of technology obsolescence. Their legacy systems are at the end of the technology lifecycle requiring new investments for enhancement, upgrades and maintenance. This has a direct effect on finance and production while indirectly threatening the business continuity of the customer.

MOBILIZE Your Business

SriSeshaa steps in with its unique “MOBILIZE” services to provide life-extension services for all legacy systems. Our patented framework creates a “Mobile” layer on top of the existing system. This layer overcomes the technological mobileobsolescence challenge by providing an interface to the existing legacy database.


The critical areas that require real-time inputs from users are “MOBILIZED” using this framework. Selective provision of data reduces the information overload for the end-user. At the same time, it also acts as an enabler by reducing the time required to update real-time data. Whether “Mobile enablement” of existing applications or creating new applications, MOBILIZE SDK drastically reduces the development time and has a positive effect on cost and time reductions. 


Chameleon MOBILIZE Server

All SriSeshaa Mobile applications have been developed using our break-through Chameleon Server. Our development team creates application architectures designed to simplify the reuse of components. This capability enables our team to deliver faster and within budget.

MOBILIZE Agnostics

Our Mobilize services provide fantastic flexibility to the customers.

Database Agnostic

Our Mobilize services can be integrated with any database, data source or webservice, to receive and process data.

Domain Agnostic
Irrespective of which domain the customer belongs and the type of technology, we are able to create Mobile interfaces for existing legacy and web based applications.
Platform Agnostic
Our services are able to develop platform Independent solutions that transcend any mobile application platform including Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows etc.,

MOBILIZE Offers Major Benefits To The Users

Sriseshaa Provide Mobility feature to existing Legacy systems
Sriseshaa Reduce investment required to overcome Technology obsolescence
Sriseshaa Fast implementation cycles
Sriseshaa Improve productivity of the end-user
Sriseshaa Provide convenient information windows (dashboards) to the Management